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I’ve been having a wonderful time up here in Kirkuk – as I said, new adventures are what I’m all about! New friends, new experiences, and new terrain add up to me!  So, in my short time here, here are a few things I’ve learned in Kirkuk.  Hope you enjoy!

1. There’s a LOT of incoming here. It’s a little sobering, especially after attending a memorial for a soldier killed by IDF (indirect fire) just the week before.

2. The DFAC (dining facility) is bigger, but not better – I miss my Baghdad lettuce selection.

3. Honey Badger does whatever it wants. Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit.

4. Getting really drunk in a small place like this is NOT a good idea. (No, it wasn’t me!)

5. A lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying. (Look it up!)

6. You make friends really quickly in a place like this. Someone up here asked me when I was leaving, so she could start crying now. I am loved.  I’ve only been here a week and a half, with two more to go, but I already feel like part of the family.

7. You can have an awesome time around a table with four iPods and a love of music.  It’s a music throwdown!!

8. Once people accept the idea of Pooh, they love him. It’s important to introduce him early, so people know that I’m not quite ‘normal.’ Normal is overrated – I am the kind of person that will sing to someone that comes into my office, and I’m the kind of person that will dance wherever I feel like it – I don’t seem to have those social inhibitions when it comes to singing and dancing. 🙂

9.  When you are a good rover, people want to keep you.  When you are a good rover AND crazy and fun like me, they REALLY want to keep you.  I have a feeling I’ll be in high demand.

10.  I love my life.  Truly, simply, I love it.  I’m so happy to be in this place in my life.  I am such a positive person now!  I thank all my friends and family that have helped me to get to this place in my life.  I appreciate all who remind me how special I am and how much I mean to them.  Friends, family, laughter, love – it’s wonderful!  I hope to see you all around the globe soon!

New Adventures

I have been in Iraq for nearly a month now – WOW! How time flies. I’ve jumped right into the thick of things, and I’m loving it so far. Things move fast here, and after a few weeks, I feel right at home, almost an old-timer! I’ve had many new adventures, met many new people, and had a lot of fun. 20 more months! What have I been doing with my time? Living, laughing, loving, adventure…

Living – I live in an apartment, originally a one bedroom, but through the wonders of sheet rock, made into two bedrooms. I have a roommate that I rarely see, but that I share a bathroom, very small living room, and kitchen with. Meals are provided at the DFAC (short for dining facility), and so I haven’t used the kitchen much, but plan to use it more in the future. I’ll have to get a little creative with ingredients I can scrounge up from the DFAC and the limited items I can buy at the shoppette. I may have to start ordering some groceries online if I want to really cook. My work week is Sunday through Thursday, and occasionally Friday or Saturday too.

Laughing – I’ve made many friends in a short amount of time. I’ve danced, I’ve sung, I’ve played games, I’ve imbibed, I’ve sat around chatting, I’ve listened to an impassioned discussion in French… I’ve laughed and made others laugh – I’ve endeared myself to many. 🙂 I’m friendly, what can I say? I love to laugh, and love to make others laugh. Many of my friends are international, which is even more fun – this is one of the reasons I joined the Foreign Service, and being here, I have so many friends from all over the world, all in one place!

Loving – I love this place! People here are wonderful, and it makes me happy to know I’m not the only crazy one that signed up for two years here. I’m also dating, which is one thing I didn’t do much of in Brussels. Who would have thought that I’d have better luck in a danger zone than I would in Western Europe? I’ve been seeing someone for a few weeks now. I’m kind of surprised at how quickly that happened – I wasn’t even here a week! Life is good.

Adventure – I am currently in Kirkuk, Iraq (straight north of Baghdad, about half way to Turkey) on temporary duty, filling in for someone on vacation. A new adventure! Part of the adventure included my first helicopter ride (Pooh’s first too!) I had my body armor and my helmet on (see the pic!), and a smile on my face the whole ride. It was beautiful – seeing the Tigris River from above, thinking of the long history of the area. I truly love all that I get to do and see…One of my friends told me that he always knew I was destined for great things – I feel lucky that he saw that so many years ago even when I didn’t know it. I love my life!

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