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The Foreign Service Officer Test

Hello all! Things are going well here in Baghdad. I’ve stuck with my exercise routine, and have now incorporated exercising into my daily routine. Feels great! I’m addition, I’ve signed up to take the Foreign Service Officer test. Tomorrow. I’ve been studying these last few weeks, incorporating it into my workout by studying on my iPad while I’m on the treadmill. It works great – no distractions, just me, music, study, and exercise – multitasking at its best.

For those of you unfamiliar with the FSO test, or thinking “but Darlene, you’re already in the Foreign Service, aren’t you?” I’ll explain. My current job is Office Management Specialist, or OMS. What I really want to do is Public Diplomacy. Having been in for a few years now, I think this is what will make me most happy and make the fullest use of my talents and creativity. The test asks you a broad range of questions, from history to English expression to biographical information to management and economics. I hope I do well – I’ve got friends here that gave me tips for the test, and I think I’m ready. Here goes! I should hear within a month or so if I’ve passed. Cross your fingers!

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