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Dancing Queen

I’ve made it to Baghdad! I’ve been here a little over three days, and have jumped right into the thick of things. I’ve gone to FOUR social events so far in my three days, all involving music. I started the evening I arrived, Sunday, with karaoke. The last three nights have been dancing, dancing and more dancing. Have I mentioned how much I love dancing? It really is a passion of mine – many of you know I’ll really dance anywhere – work, grocery store, hallway, on desks…I’ve even got others to dance for me! Well, here there is no shortage of dancing. Or dancing partners. There are usually a few more men than women, which is a departure from the norm practically anywhere else. It also means that these men actually are COMING TO DANCE! I love it, as it keeps me from dancing with myself. 🙂

My dancing at post started with salsa (that is, if you don’t count the dancing I did at karaoke). There were basic lessons, followed by free dance. I have a wonderful time! Lots of dancing and lots of fun. Last night it was country line dancing night. I realized, while this can be fun, it’s not my favorite – so many of them are so repetitive, and the songs so long, that I get bored by the end. And of course, I love doing my own thing, which line dancing doesn’t really give you the freedom to do. I also really like dancing with a partner – again, not much of that in line dancing. I may not go to that one again – it’s in another area, and just not really my cup of tea.

Tonight was ballroom dancing – we are learning the cha-cha. I danced with a number of people, and really got the steps down by the end. The instructor for ballroom dancing is a former professional ballroom dancer, so he really knows what he’s doing. I got a few ‘very good’ compliments from him and others throughout the evening, as well as helped a few others with some steps they were having troubles with. I went over to the teacher after the class was over to say hello and to introduce myself. As I walked over, he saw me and said, “Someone’s taken dance classes before!” I told him I hadn’t really taken any formal classes, a couple in college many years ago, and some musical theater, but I love dancing, and let him know he’ll see more of me at future classes! He said he also gives private lessons – I may take him up on it. I think this is one reason I’m going to have a great time in Baghdad. I always wanted to take dance classes, and here they are not only free, they are a two minute walk away and I don’t have to find myself a partner, because they are already there! And tomorrow night – our weekend – the bar is open, and there’s a DJ with all the dancing you could want!

Yes – I think I’m gonna like it here!

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