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Just one more…


I’m going to miss these beautiful Kirkuki sunsets…

Sunset Over Kirkuk


Another gorgeous sunset in Kirkuk…

Life in Kirkuk


Just a quick photo – one I took last time I was up here in Kirkuk. As I was sitting in my vehicle waiting, I looked and saw this… My heart swelled just a little.


I’ve been having a wonderful time up here in Kirkuk – as I said, new adventures are what I’m all about! New friends, new experiences, and new terrain add up to me!  So, in my short time here, here are a few things I’ve learned in Kirkuk.  Hope you enjoy!

1. There’s a LOT of incoming here. It’s a little sobering, especially after attending a memorial for a soldier killed by IDF (indirect fire) just the week before.

2. The DFAC (dining facility) is bigger, but not better – I miss my Baghdad lettuce selection.

3. Honey Badger does whatever it wants. Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit.

4. Getting really drunk in a small place like this is NOT a good idea. (No, it wasn’t me!)

5. A lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying. (Look it up!)

6. You make friends really quickly in a place like this. Someone up here asked me when I was leaving, so she could start crying now. I am loved.  I’ve only been here a week and a half, with two more to go, but I already feel like part of the family.

7. You can have an awesome time around a table with four iPods and a love of music.  It’s a music throwdown!!

8. Once people accept the idea of Pooh, they love him. It’s important to introduce him early, so people know that I’m not quite ‘normal.’ Normal is overrated – I am the kind of person that will sing to someone that comes into my office, and I’m the kind of person that will dance wherever I feel like it – I don’t seem to have those social inhibitions when it comes to singing and dancing. 🙂

9.  When you are a good rover, people want to keep you.  When you are a good rover AND crazy and fun like me, they REALLY want to keep you.  I have a feeling I’ll be in high demand.

10.  I love my life.  Truly, simply, I love it.  I’m so happy to be in this place in my life.  I am such a positive person now!  I thank all my friends and family that have helped me to get to this place in my life.  I appreciate all who remind me how special I am and how much I mean to them.  Friends, family, laughter, love – it’s wonderful!  I hope to see you all around the globe soon!

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