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Lucky Lucy

The last week has been quite an adventure. While there has been the occasional yelling at the walls in frustration over another box of books and yet no bookcases, it’s been pretty great overall. The movie just gets better! Moving in is going well as is dating life. I’ve come across some interesting things that have been in storage all this time – floppy disks, an old computer, chocolate…you get the idea. I was talking to my insurance agent today, getting renter’s insurance and told him about all this stuff (including a table saw) and he said sounds like it’ll be Craigslist time! Definitely.

Dating life is going very well – I’ve been on three dates in the week I’ve been back, all with the same guy. We apparently kind of like each other, lol. Date number three, which was originally going to be date number one, was sushi and pub trivia. While we came in a respectable sixth in trivia, we won tickets during prize round to see a band in October – I look at this as a good sign! We are definitely Lucky Lucy (our team trivia name, which I may explain in a future post). While some of my friends worry that I dive into these new adventures head first, I have a hard time doing it any other way. I think it’s fine though – we seem to be on the same page as far as that goes.

Today I got out in my car for awhile – I forget how freeing it feels to drive your own car around, having been in Baghdad the last two years. I also packed another suitcase, as I’m returning to Minnesota tomorrow for a family reunion this weekend! It’ll be nice to see the masses of relatives I haven’t seen in years. And when I say masses, I do mean it! When my grandmother died, they said she had over 150 direct descendants – and that was over a decade ago – so I am sure we have to be close to 200 by now!

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