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The Driving Instructor, or the “Crash” portion of the course

Crash, crash, crash… Ok, so there’s not a lot of crashing, and it’s quite exhausting, but MAN is it fun. A lot of that was due to my instructor, Randy, and my car mates, Dario and Alissa. We learned a lot in two days! We weren’t sure how the car mates were chosen, but our group was perfectly compatible and we are convinced we had the most fun of everyone.

The last two days was kind of an information overload. From backing up to Y turns to ramming and unlearning bad driving habits, it’s intense. The first day we were in the car pretty much all day, about two thirds of the time in the backseat. I did end up getting a little nauseous, but not too bad. The front seat of course is always better for that, but that usually means you’re driving! The second day is less driving, but a lot of testing what you’ve learned the day before.

Our in-car instructor, Randy, was very happy to have us as students. We’d joke around with him, he’d joke around with us. When he’d clear his throat, I’d know I was turning underhand, again. 🙂 He’d laugh when I had to adjust EVERYTHING in the car when I got in. At the end of the first day, he could tell I was tired and unfocused, so he modified what I was supposed to do so I could still practice it, but didn’t have to think so much. We joked about my driving hat, about the other slow cars, and about each other. At the final exam, he was one of the testers, and yelled out while I was in line, “I want the one in the driving hat.” I ended up testing with him, and we joked even then. It made a stressful few days a lot more fun. I’m going to miss Randy, but I’ll think of him whenever I need to use the skills he taught me.

It’s been a long week, filled with a ton of information, some of which I hope I never need to use, but it’s great to have it. A weekend left here in DC, then onto Paris, then Baghdad! I know it’s going to be a bit of a shock to the system, not really knowing how you’ll deal with things until you actually are in the thick of them, but I know I’ll be okay. I’m as prepared as I can be, so there’s nothing left to do but to go!

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