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Happy Day

I haven’t been quite this happy in some time. Maybe the moon has aligned with the stars, maybe I’m just in a place in my life where I can appreciate everything more, or maybe it’s just that i don’t have anything to hold me back. Maybe I’ve realized who I am, just me, and I love me. And in turn, I have so much more love to give. The more love you give, the more love you get.

I have a habit of telling people that I’m awesome. People that don’t know me might think that sounds conceited. But what it comes down to, in my mind, is that everyone should think they are awesome. Because if you don’t think you’re awesome, then why should anyone else? I have a lot of wonderful qualities, and I know everyone else does too. I start out with the assumption that everyone likes me, because there’s no reason for them NOT to like me. In the same vein, I start out with the assumption that everyone is friendly and likable unless they show me otherwise. I’ve always been this way, I think.

I tend to make an impression. People remember me. Sometimes I wonder, why? What makes me so memorable? There are many people that have made an impression on me, people that I’ll remember forever, and I can point to why, but it’s always harder to figure out the other way around. It’s great to find out why, so I’m trying to tell people what impressions they have made on me, and why I’ll always keep them in my heart.

As I said up top, I’m currently crazy happy – after four weeks in Kirkuk, I’m back in Baghdad, I’ve been able to spend a few days with my main squeeze (even though he’s off tomorrow for a couple weeks to another part of Iraq) and peanut butter cookies are plentiful. I’ve been singing “Some Kind of Wonderful” today, happiness and love is abounding. Yes, sometimes I think too much and worry about if this happiness can last, but then I remind myself to just be happy now, and stop worrying. Happiness and positivity breeds happiness and positivity. Love breeds love. The more good you exude, the more good is drawn to you. Here’s wishing you love, happiness and a positive outlook!

P.S. I know this probably just sounds like babble – forgive me!

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