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Guess What?

I know I’ve been busy – apparently too busy to post on my blog…but while I haven’t been keeping you up to date, I have been hanging out with my lovely boyfriend…who is now…wait for it…MY FIANCÉ!  In the less than a week since it happened, we’ve started to make plans, plans and plans…and I’ve also been obsessing about dresses, having had a vision of a dress come to me in a dream even before the proposal… My mind is still reeling with the planning to do for the wedding, everything at once running through my head, even though I know I don’t have to think about it all right now.

Not only planning a wedding, but once we get married there will be even more paperwork to do to get him on my orders, get medical clearance, move overseas again… Fun fun fun.  I got him a packet of handouts from the Family Liaison Office and he’s ready to become an EFM!  I’m just such a lucky woman to have found such a wonderful man.  I can’t wait to start married life with him.


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